Google improving on Samsung and PA’s Pie-style menu?

Google improving on Samsung and PA’s Pie-style menu?

Looks like Google is working on multi-touch pie-style menus as they’ve just filed a patent on touch-screen radial menus.

Now, we’ve seen a lot of lead up to this in Android, with Samsung’s S-Pen menu options, Paranoid Android’s “Pie” navigation features, and even Google’s own AOSP browser’s “Quick controls” option (which I always loved, and kept me from migrating to Chrome for quite some time)

Here’s why I’m excited about this. Growing up watching movies with futuristic touch interfaces, I always wondered what inexplicable quality existing touch interfaces were missing that would just give them that futuristic feel, let’s have a look, shall we?


Now aside from the fact that most of these are transparent displays, what do you have? AWESOME radial menus, that’s what.

I leave you with this;


Let’s all take a moment to thank Google for working on bringing the futuristic interfaces from Minority Report to our Android powered devices.

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