Flyne lets you read offline! (App of the Day)

Flyne lets you read offline! (App of the Day)

Flyne is a beautiful Twitter and Feedly reader that allows you to read your feeds offline.

Joaquim Verges, the developer of the popular Twitter app Falcon Pro, has created another very functional, very pretty app. Flyne’s main goal is to provide you with news from Twitter lists and Feedly categories, all brought to you in an easy-to-read mobile-friendly package.

After downloading the app, there are three categories from which to choose content: Popular Feeds, Twitter, and Feedly. Popular Feeds comes free with the app download, but you’ll need to pay $1.99 for the Twitter extension and $.99 for the Feedly extension. It’s definitely worth the extra $3 to get all of your news in one place, especially because this app is so gorgeous.

Flyne Tablet

The reason why it’s our app of the day is because it received a huge update today. Here’s a list of the full changelog for the new version.

  • New list based navigation, with big or small article previews (toggle it in the display settings)
  • Polished looks for both day and night themesDouble tap to close article
  • Zoomable, dowbloadable images
  • Mark as read while you scroll
  • Feedly two way sync
  • New tablet layout
  • Faster preloading of articles
  • Smoother navigation
  • New transition animation
  • Many bug fixes

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