Opera 20 brings appless video chat to Android

Opera 20 brings appless video chat to Android

For those of us who are overwhelmed by the vast array of video chat apps out there the new version of Opera may offer an appless video chat solution for you.

Opera 20 brings to Android a WebRTC-compatible browser that allows users of the browser to enter into a video chat across mobile phones and computers simply by entering the address of a video conference into the URL bar of the Opera 20 browser. If you are the creator of the video chat, then you have to visit a site such as appear.in to get an address for the video conference to share with your friends or colleagues. No special software or apps other than Opera 20 is needed.

The WebRTC (real time communication) protocol is a newer standard that promotes communication between browsers without having to rely on third party solutions to enable communication. With the addition of this protocol into the new version, Opera has joined the ranks of Firefox and Chrome who have been offering the protocol since last fall.

You can find the updated version of Opera in the Google Play Store.

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