FlashScore Livescore international sports score tracking hits Android


FlashScore.com has long been a destination for those looking to get their international sports scores. With the introduction of a Google Play store app, FlashScore brings what its readers online and on iOS loved to Android.

Boasting coverage of 5,000 independent competitions and lighting-fast score updates, the app is a must for any die-hard sports fan.

It’s nicely designed and quick to navigate, relying on a left-side slide in menu that allows you to choose from 26 different sports. FlashScore Livescore differs from other sports tracking apps by allowing the user to follow individual games, instead of allowing them to follow a team. There are pros and cons to this, such as being unable to batch follow an entire season for one team.

The app relies on the “My Games” tab, which is where you have a centralized way to view all the different competitions you are tracking. Additionally, there is a tab to view all live games and standings. There aren’t many ways to customize it, but there are push notifications for any games you are following.

For a free app that’s powerful and offers accurate scores, this is definitely one worth checking out.

Note that there is no way to login to the FlashScore service from the app.

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