Grocery King releases free version, no coupon needed

Grocery King releases free version, no coupon needed

If you’re tired of going to the store three times a week to purchase all the good stuff you forgot on your initial visit, Grocery King aims to end this with a new free version of its existing shopping list app.

Grocery King offers a highly customizable shopping list experience that learns from the user. The more you use it, the better it gets.

This list is also more than your average list, as it lets users create them by picking from hundreds of photos of everyday items in 24 different categories. Grocery King aims for a more visual and fun experience to give a more natural feeling to creating your shopping lists.

Many additional features help differentiate Grocery King from the other shopping list apps available. The app offers cloud-based sharing and syncing of lists to enable real-time coordinated shopping with friends and family, inventory control of current items within the app, price tracking across previous shopping history and price comparison between stores (managed manually) and the ability to store their retailer loyalty cards, coupons and gift cards within the app.

Available on the Google Play store for the past four years, Grocery King was the number one shopping app for two years in a row and still ranks within the top five paid apps in the “Shopping” category even four years later. The free version is ad-supported and has some feature limitations.

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