Samsung Galaxy S4 Replacement Battery (2600mAh) [Accessory of the Day]


Need to replace the battery on your Samsung Galaxy S4? Maybe you like to have a spare one around so you can toss it into a bag for an extended night on the town. Whatever the case, you can scoop one up from Amazon for as little as $10.48 today. Discounted 79% off the normal price, it’s one heck of a bargain. Note that this is the real deal from Samsung and not an off-brand replacement.


    • With these things it’s hit or miss, get a good seller (who buys from a good source) and you very well could get a real legitimate battery but you could also get a counterfeit.

      I’ve been burned a few times over the years (thankfully not literally) so I decided a couple years ago to not even bother with supposed OEM batteries and just get Anker batteries. Nobody bothers to counterfeit non-OEM batteries and you get known quality.