Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Fit pricing revealed


Samsung has releasing the pricing of their smartwatch Gear 2 and fitness tracker Gear Fit in Taiwan, and incidentally revealed an indication of pricing worldwide.

The Gear 2 smartwatch will cost NT$8,990 or $294 while the Gear Fit will cost NT$5,990 that works out at around $200.

With the Android Wear announcement and a whole host of smartwatches entering the market over the next year, Samsung needs to get these to market and at the right price.


  1. Yes they do, but that is not the right price. Lol gear fit needs to be 150 and gear 2 199. But still won’t be buying them. Android wear just looks so much better and is ANDROID compatible not samsung compatible. Those a$$holes forgot what got them to where they are now.