HTC in full hype mode for HTC One

HTC in full hype mode for HTC One

HTC is just full of themselves and now on their website they are stating, “Get ready to hit refresh.”  Is this pointing to an immediate release after announcement? I think so!  With last week’s announcement that Carphone Warehouse, in the UK, will be selling the new One after is it announced and with HTC hinting us to ‘hit refresh’ seems like consumers will be able to purchase the device online and maybe in stores.

Now, we all know about the time delay that Verizion customers faced last year with the original One release.  However, Verizon is not playing games this go around! This morning a picture of a new HTC One promo box surfaced also stating, ‘hit refresh’, on March 25th.  So I think it is safe to say that Verizon is playing ball this year and trying to get the latest from HTC into the hands of its customers.


What about the other carriers? No news yet, but if Verizon is launching on Day 1, I would say that AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint (cross your fingers) are not far behind.

Source: androidcentral

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