FlipBeats, getting the most out of your music [App of the Day]

FlipBeats, getting the most out of your music [App of the Day]

Who doesn’t enjoying plugging into their phone and turning on their favorite tunes? I know there is nothing like shutting out the world and just getting lost in some of my favorite songs.  However, I never thought if I was truly getting the music experience until FlipBeats arrived!

FlipBeats takes the music experience to a whole new level by implementing a “studio listening experience” through a variety of equalizers.  You can also have predetermined equalizer modes based upon what you are listening to, so if you have some serious bass or lots of treble, you can really bring out the sound.  Even if your music is blasting through a bluetooth speaker or hooked up to your stereo via headphone jack, you can adjust the sound settings for the size room you have.

Currently there is a 20 day free trial; after that it is .99 cents to enjoy forever! Check out the specs below!

FlipBeats specs:

  • Home Screen Widget (Re-sizable)
  • Lock Screen Widget (for Android KitKat)
  • Basic Mode
  • Advance Mode
  • Multi band Graphical Equalizer
  • Bass Boost
  • Surround Sound
  • Balance Control
  • Room size configuration
  • Android 3.3 and up

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