Kingston DataTraveler microDuo answers a desperate need

Kingston DataTraveler microDuo answers a desperate need

The Kingston DataTraveler microDuo is an amazing little device that answers a desperate need. At first glance the device looks like an ordinary thumb-drive, but upon closer inspection, you can flip back the plastic cover on the end to reveal something that is so awesome, I dare-say it’s…



That’s right, a MicroUSB tip which can be inserted into and read/written to by any current device with USB OTG functionality. I don’t know if you’re like me, but when I switched from a Samsung to a Nexus device, I was extremely apprehensive about losing the peace of mind I felt by using MicroSD cards. Sure I’ve had USB OTG cables for about as long as they’ve been around, but who wants to carry that around everywhere? Not this guy.

This is one of the best feeling little USB sticks I’ve owned as far as durability goes. Usually when I get a new thumb drive I know will primarily be residing in my pocket, I just know that after a month or two, it’s going to be falling apart, I don’t feel that way at all with the microDuo. The actual device is made of metal and even the flip-open MicroUSB cover is made from a sturdy-feeling plastic, which isn’t at all brittle.

For speed, I was able to transfer 1 GB of photos from my phone to the drive in just under 2 minutes, and about the same speed pulling the photos over to the computer.

In short, go get one of these. They’re fantastic, and relatively cheap for the peace of mind they offer.
The 16 GB and 32 GB versions are MSRP’d at $15.95 and $29.95 respectively.

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    • rsanchez1
      March 28, 21:03 Reply

      I was gonna say the same thing. If he’s blown away by the data traveler, he obviously has not seen Meenova’s offering.

      I kickstarted it back when I had micro sd support on my phone, but after upgrading to the LG G2, I was glad I had it around. I could still use the same sd card.

    • Tony McAfee
      March 29, 15:20 Reply

      I’ve seen devices like that, but it doesn’t plug directly into a computer. That’s a solution for a different need. The microDuo is for someone who wants one device to store data from their phone, tablet, or computer. One piece, no adapters, so microSD card, no full size SD adapter.

      I used a microSD to USB adapter and an OTG cable for a long time, but this is a better solution for my needs. Just one little device, no adapters, cables or little breakable plastic parts.
      Also Kingston is an established and respected tech company. As someone who consults for businesses who need a reliable solutions, I’d much rather put faith in Kingston than generic brands and crowd-funded projects.

      • rich_bown
        March 29, 16:01 Reply

        It does plug in with the included small USB adapter if required, which isn’t very often as small files I either drop box or gdrive straight onto the device. Where it comes into its own is like I say with a digital camera, straight from cam to editing on my tablet. Its actually ironic that the micro SD card I use with mine is a 32gb Kingston!

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