August 20, 2014

Koushik Dutta gets AllCast to work with Amazon FireTV


The popular app developed by Koushik Dutta which allows any media to be streamed to the Google Chromecast and Apple TV has just been demonstrated streaming content to the new Amazon FireTV.

The developer explains that under the Amazon FireTV user interface sits a bunch of API’s similar to Chromecast. Whilst there are no actual Chromecast type API’s on the Amazon FireTV, there are similar API’s which are in fact more flexible. So much so that Dutta was able to build an AllCast receiver for the Amazon FireTV in around 2 hours.

In addition, due to the API’s that exist on the FireTV, screen mirroring performs much better than the equivalent functionality on the Chromecast.

AllCast is available with limited functionality for free, and a small purchase unlocks no limits streaming to the Chromecast and now the Amazon FireTV.

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