Pushbullet update adds full image support on desktops and Tasker event support

Pushbullet update adds full image support on desktops and Tasker event support

A recent update to Pushbullet adds some well-requested features.

Users of the desktop notification app, listen up! You should be receiving an update regarding a few really useful features. With the update, you will now be able to see the full image preview when an image is pushed to the desktop. Before the update, the notification card would only show the image name, which wasn’t really the most functional way of getting the image.

What’s more is that Pushbullet now has Tasker event plugin support. Users are now able to have Tasker react to just about any message they receive on their mobile devices. Note that Tasker needs to be updated to version 4.3 in order to take advantage of this feature.

Download the update from the Play link below!

Source: Pushbullet

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