How to install the Google Play Store on the Kindle Fire [Android 201]

How to install the Google Play Store on the Kindle Fire [Android 201]

The Kindle Fire is a great little tablet, at a fantastic price point and is perfect for those hooked into the Amazon ecosystem. The Kindle range runs Android, albeit a very customised Android to a point where it is almost unrecognisable. As part of this customisation and integration into the Amazon ecosystem, the Google Play Store is nowhere to be seen. Luckily, with a bit of work, you’ll be able to hook your Kindle Fire back into the Google services.

Here we’ll show you how to get the Google Play Store on your Kindle Fire.

For this method to work, you’ll need to have your Kindle Fire rooted.

  1. First off, download the ES File Explorer App from the Amazon App Store which will allow you to transfer and launch the necessary files.
  2. Download the necessary Google Play files from here and extract the files from the compressed file.
  3. Open ES File Explorer and enable ‘Root Explorer’ by going into ‘Settings’ and selecting ‘Root Settings’ and checking the ‘Super User’, ‘Root Explorer’, and ‘Mount File System’ options.
  4. Return to the folder where you extracted the downloaded files and install ‘GoogleServicesFramework.apk’ and reboot your Kindle.
  5. Once the reboot is complete, cut the ‘vending.apk’ file and paste it in the /system/app directory.
  6. Long press on the ‘vending.apk’ once it’s moved and select ‘Properties’. You’ll need to change the permissions to make sure that ‘read’ and ‘write’ are checked for ‘User’ and ‘read’ is checked for ‘Group and Other’.
  7. Install ‘vending.apk’.
  8. Return to your homescreen and look in your Home-> Apps section and open the ‘Market’ icon to launch it and sign into your Google account.
  9. Finally, you’ll want to return to the folder with the extracted files and install the file ‘gplay.apk’, reboot your Kindle, and enjoy Google Play on your Kindle Fire.

Drop us a comment to let us know if you have any issues with getting the Google Play Store on your Kindle Fire.

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  1. Faith
    July 25, 18:25 Reply

    My root won’t let me. It says not available for my device??? Please Help!

  2. C
    October 01, 03:24 Reply

    I am getting the same error message.

  3. Travis
    October 06, 21:55 Reply

    Root Explorer doesn’t work. Don’t know what to do…

  4. Dan Tresko
    November 30, 11:54 Reply

    I have followed your instructions, installing ES File Explorer and Drop Box to download the Google files. When I open ESFE on my Kindle and go to settings, there’s no choice for root directory. If I choose tools,then I have Root Enhancement with Back Up Data and (Un)Install apk Automatically, both with check boxes. When I try to click on them, nothing happens.

    Under Fast Access/Tools/Root Enhancement, I tried to check the box and get two different error messages: It cannot get root access on your device OR Sorry, test failed. This feature can’t run on your device.

    There are no other choices for Root that I’ve been able to find.

    Any further help will be appreciated.

    Thank you for your further assistance,
    Dan Tresko

  5. FishGuy
    December 01, 13:02 Reply

    I don’t know how to do ANY of this!

    • omario
      February 02, 13:02 Reply

      I have no idea how to do it

      • omario
        February 02, 13:08 Reply

        I have no idea how to do this

  6. Dreadbcool4ever
    December 17, 10:28 Reply

    Yo! Just finished your tutorial, and it worked perfectly. I got my kindle to run the google app store just perfect. Thx for the files, and step by step play through. Worked like a charm.

        • Katherine
          January 03, 14:44 Reply

          Umm…You guys probably didn’t root your device first, which is what they say at the beginning. These are directions for rooted Kindle. So calm down, google that first, and act like the grownups you are supposed to be.

      • Katherine
        January 03, 14:47 Reply

        Umm…You guys probably didn’t root your device first, which is what they say at the beginning. These are directions for rooted Kindle. So calm down, google that first, and act like the grownups you are supposed to be.

        • Jay
          January 08, 13:38 Reply

          STFU BITCH. Shit don’t work.

          • Unknown
            January 16, 12:09

            Seriously? Is that necessary?

  7. Brian
    December 28, 04:25 Reply

    My kindle isn’t rooted, would sideloading these work?

  8. Walkmp5
    January 05, 07:09 Reply

    I found root explorer but it said unavailable for my device.

  9. Amber
    January 25, 10:07 Reply

    Will you loose your previous games if you upgrade your Google play? We play clash of clans and don’t want to have to start over. Thanks

  10. Clive
    February 02, 17:00 Reply

    google play files zip is malicious and chrome has blocked it ?? wtf??

  11. David
    February 03, 17:55 Reply

    I opened ES File Explorer in my 1st gen. Kindle Fire and clicked “Settings” and looked for “Root Settings”. It’s not in the list. Cant find Root Settings anywhere.
    On the “Fast Access” menu, I found “Root Explorer” with a button set to Off. I clicked that and it says, “Sorry, Test failed. This feature can not run on your device.”
    Can I make that feature operable?

    • 103307010
      March 15, 17:54 Reply

      You have to root first. I recommend installing Key Root Master, (find tutorials on YouTube) for easy rooting.

  12. NexusOfCrisis
    February 17, 21:51 Reply

    This worked for me. I did have to fiddle with it a bit as, like some others have noted, things aren’t always in the place they were when this was written. ESFE has prolly been updated and changed a few times since April ’14

    The one problem I ran into was after installing Play Store, I could not log into my Google account, but installing the GPlay.apk before log in and an extra reboot did the trick.

  13. 103307010
    March 15, 17:52 Reply

    Works, but you probably would have to really know what you were doing to pull this off.

  14. J-sin
    March 25, 21:07 Reply

    wont let me past the apk file in system/app folder, i’m defintitely rooted…

  15. TheCosmicMonkey
    March 28, 18:05 Reply

    If we do this will we get the actual “services” to log into games and other apps

  16. ripcord125
    April 19, 02:24 Reply

    when i go to acces the google play store it keeps shuting it down and givs me the google play store has stopped mesage

  17. dot
    April 25, 17:09 Reply

    ive done it as it says, but i get the message “google play services has stopped” every few seconds. did i do something wrong, or what

  18. Matt
    April 30, 11:14 Reply

    Regardless if you root your Kindle Fire or not, the Google Play store will never run on it, even though it may appear to be installed. The fact is that in order for any device to access Google Play, it has to first of all run a full unaltered version of Android, which the Kindle fire does not; and secondly, the device has to be Google certified, which the Kindle Fire has not been. Anyone who claims that it is possible to access Google Play from a Kindle Fire, or any other non- Google certified device, simply does not know what they are talking about. I can assure you that doing so is impossible.

  19. lauramagraham
    May 02, 09:47 Reply

    the process worked fine for me, installed perfectly, then i went to the store to download hay day, it downloaded, started up, then said the game can’t run without google play services, directed me to the store to download play services, did that, and ever since then i keep getting a constant “google play has stopped” message. can’t do anything. tried factory reset and repeating the process but can’t even get as far as I did the first time. Very annoying.

  20. Apy
    May 04, 00:10 Reply

    i enable root explorer but i went to sttings and i cant find the root settings. also it keeps saying all these google stuff keeps stopping. help!!!

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