August 22, 2014

Beautiful architecture comes to Muzei with Muzei HD Architecture [App of the Day]

Muzei HD Architecture 1

At AndroidGuys, we’re big fans of Tobias Gläser’s Muzei HD Landscapes. The customization options and the quality of images it chooses are great, and work with a phone or tablet perfectly. Are you looking for something other than landscapes? Gläser is back with another great Muzei extension, Muzei HD Architecture.

In terms of customization options, it works just like HD Landscapes does. You have the option to set WiFi only updates, change the update interval, and set resolutions all the way up to 2560×1400. Instead of landscapes, though, HD Architecture sets incredible pictures of architecture as your wallpaper (as the name implies).

Muzei HD Architecture 2

This Muzei extension pulls images from the architecture section of Judging by the types of images in that section, this is probably going to be one of our favorite extensions for awhile. It’s a brand new app, with less than 500 installs from the Play Store. We can’t really vouch for whether or not it’s buggy, but we’d be surprised if it was.

Download Muzei HD Architecture from the Play Store for free!