August 21, 2014

HD Widgets 4 enters beta; full release expected in May


HD Widgets is slated to roll out a 4.0 release as soon as May 1 says the developers, Cloud.TV. Featuring a “fresher and lighter” UI, the new version of the app offers a side menu that falls in line with other Google apps of the day. Key among the new details is a new weather screen with hourly forecast graph, a 7-10 forecast, new preferences, widgets, and more. Additional options are expected to be announced in the coming week.

If you’re a fan of HD Widgets (which we certainly are), you can get in on the beta 4 release.

Install HD Widgets 4 Beta now via the beta group. We’ve found things work better if you do this from a mobile device.

HD Widgets 4 beta:

Colourform 2 beta: