August 27, 2014

Alleged first look at LG G3 backside


LG will once again employ the rear volume and power button configuration for the successor to the G2 smartphone. That is, of course, provided these recently leaked photos prove to be legitimate. In one image we see what appears to be the back side of the device while the other alleges to be a protective case for the phone.


Assuming the image of the smartphone is real, the buttons have undergone a slight change in layout and look. Not that we would expect otherwise. Flanking the camera we have two objects, one of which we figure is a flash. The other, as some point out, could be a fingerprint sensor or hear rate monitor.

It’s worth pointing out that the case does not look like it would match up perfectly; proceed with caution. Otherwise, we’re cool with the look and think it works well for LG.

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