August 30, 2014

Samsung outs "Level", a new series of premium audio products


In an attempt to bring their products to every facet of your home, Samsung has just released a new line of premium audio products. The line is called “Level”, and will be available to ship mid-May. So, what exactly is Level? Let’s take a look.

Level On


Offer a premium audio experience without breaking the bank

Sound - 40mm dual layered diaphragm

Design - Comfort ear pad and Headband

Interface - 3.5 mm ear jack

Feature - S Voice

Inbox - Premium carrying case, Detachable audio cable with microphone and remote controller

Dimension - 161.75×181.4×70.4 mm, 209.8g

Level Over


Considered to be the “flagship” earphones, these offer touch control, Bluetooth connectivity, and offer superior HD organic sound.

Sound - 50mm Bio-Cellulose Diaphragm with Neodymium Magnet, Active Noise Cancellation

Bluetooth - BT 3.0 / apt-X, SBC

Design - High elasticity sponge on the ear pad, Smooth leather-like material on the Headband

Interface - Smart Touch Control / 3.5 mm ear jack

Feature - S Voice, Bluetooth pairing ,2mic noise reduction / Echo cancellation, Talk(Listening) / Standby time when ANC On : 15hr/30hr, Talk(Listening) / Standby time when ANC Off : 30hr/200hr

Inbox - Premium carrying case / Micro USB cable, Detachable audio cable with microphone and remote controller, Plug adapter (for Airplane)

Dimension - 175x190x78 mm, 350g

Level In


Samsung’s new premium ear buds for a more portable experience

Sound - Three-way speaker system, 2 Balanced armatures (HD Sound for Treble & Mid-Range), 1 Dynamic speaker (Deep bass)

Interface - 3.5 mm ear jack

Feature – S Voice

Inbox - Premium carrying case, 4 silicon ear tips, 3 memory foam tips

Weight – 15.7g

Level Box


Bluetooth speaker with metal design, offering noise reduction, echo cancellation, and, you guessed it, S Voice.

Sound - 56mm Large stereo speaker with passive radiator

Bluetooth - NFC, Bluetooth pairing button

Design - Compact & Metal design

Feature - S Voice, Speaker Phone (Conference Call), Built-in MIC & Noise reduction/Echo cancellation

Inbox - Micro USB cable, Travel adaptor, 3.5 mm Audio cable

Dimension - 164.3×62.3×69.2 mm, 600g

No pricing information has been outed quite yet, so we’ll have to wait until mid-May to find out!

Source: Samsung Mobile