Consumer Cellular now offers Moto G, upgrades 750 retail locations [Edited]

Consumer Cellular now offers Moto G, upgrades 750 retail locations [Edited]

With ‘no contract’ options becoming increasingly popular, we’re starting to see quite a bit of growth in the no-contract carrier market. Let’s take Consumer Cellular, for example, who is now upgrading their in-store customer experience at their 750 retail locations inside Sears across the United States. The upgrades will provide a great hands-on experience for customers looking to purchase the perfect phone for their lifestyle.

Since their partnership with Sears in 2011, this marks the 3rd time a Consumer Cellular expansion has taken place. John Maverick, Consumer Cellular CEO explains,

Sears has been an excellent partner – helping Consumer Cellular with our expansion into new markets and enhancing our ability to reach more customers nationwide – and we are thrilled to continue our growth momentum across its 750 retail locations. This new display allows us to showcase a broader range of Consumer Cellular products for customers and provides the hands-on buying experience that can be important when choosing a cellphone to best fit a specific lifestyle.

Along with the updated in-store experience, Consumer Cellular is also making the Motorola Moto G available for $150. The Moto G has been very well-received in no-contract markets due to its great quality hardware, software, and extremely inexpensive price. It’s great to see this phone branch out to more service providers!

If you’d like to check out the Moto G, head over to the official Consumer Cellular site.

Source: Business Wire

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