August 21, 2014

Why we love (and hate) our smartphones [EDITORIAL]

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LG Devices: Is Life Good With Them?

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I’ve only used 3 or 4 LG devices over the course of my time with Android, and I have to say, they are one of my favorite manufacturers. There’s actually several reasons for this and those I’m about to explain.

The first reason is simply the way they make their devices, with the one exception being the Nexus 4. Their devices never feel cheap or even cheaply made. They appear solid and very well put together at the seams if you will. I really noticed this when I got my hands on the LG G2. A device that I used for about 6 months and didn’t even consider upgrading to something new during most of that time.

The LG G2 also had something new that other devices don’t have, and that’s those awesome back buttons. Awesome to me at least because they just work being there for me. LG took a big risk in doing something like that, and personally I think it paid off for them. So much so that they did the same thing with their LG G Flex and now it appears that LG G3 will have buttons on the back of the device too.

One place LG did go wrong in my book was with the Nexus 4. Was this LG’s decision or was it Google’s decision? More than likely, it was LG’s and what I’m referring to is the again the back of the device. On the Nexus 4 as we all know, was a glass back. This was something that shattered, cracked and broke for a lot of people, and did so very easily. What LG was thinking when they did this is beyond me, but it appears they learned from this mistake as they haven’t done it since then.

The only other thing that I can honestly think about that I didn’t like about LG devices, Nexus 4 aside, is the same thing I mentioned above with Samsung, and that’s their notification shade screen. While not as bad as Samsung, it’s still crazy to see those little tool bars across the top that take up so much space.

The Good, Bad And Ugly About Motorola Devices

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Currently the Motorola Moto X is my daily driver and has been for a couple of months. Prior to that for about 3 months my daily driver was the Moto G. I can honestly say up until the Moto G I hadn’t even used a Motorola Android device at all. I had always heard all sorts of good stuff about Motorola but had just never gotten a chance to use one. Then when the Moto G was announced, and me being on StraightTalk, I figured this was my chance.

From the get go I was very pleased with the Moto G as my first Motorola device. It was a smaller phone which is something I personally enjoy. I’m not a big fan of the Note 3′s, Galaxy Mega’s and all those types of devices. So the Moto G was perfect for me, size wise.

The software and the hardware in the Moto G weren’t the best, but what do you expect from a $200 device. What was good though was the hardware and software optimization that Motorola had put into place, giving the Moto G an awesome battery life. Battery life like no other device I had ever used in the past and this was something very important to me.

Now, the one thing I didn’t particularly care for was the camera that it came with. While it wasn’t that of the LG G2 or the Galaxy S4 or any of those flagship devices, it wasn’t exactly the worst either. It was mediocre at best. This of course coming from someone who is not a photographer by trade. Just someone who likes to point and shoot. Pictures were decent, but for me certainly could have been better. Especially since I use my phone to take pictures of family, the girlfriend, nature related stuff and a few other things similar to that. It’s important to have a decent camera.

Then came the Moto X, which as stated as my current daily driver right now. Simply a great phone, but there are a couple of things that I don’t like about it. First is the fact that it’s got a non-removable battery. I know, this isn’t always a big deal, and with battery life the way it is in this device, it’s really not necessary, most of the time.

However, there are times that my Moto X freezes up(it’s rooted, but running stock) and it some times takes a good minute or two to get it to shut off or turn back on. When it freezes up it would be nice to be able to pull the battery and be done with it. Again, not a huge deal, but it’s something that I’ve always liked to have access to if need be.