August 29, 2014

Why we love (and hate) our smartphones [EDITORIAL]

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Final Thoughts

As stated previously, this is merely my own personal opinion as to why I like and dislike certain manufacturers or specific devices that I’ve used from those manufacturers. This is by no means a bashing session and I’m certainly not saying that I won’t try or test the next Samsung, HTC or LG device that comes out. Because you can bet that’s not the case simply because I’m a tech geek who loves to check out all new things tech related, especially within the Android ecosystem.

My opinions are simply that, my opinions and are not the reflections of AndroidGuys or any other staff member here. While we may share the same opinions, that doesn’t mean that this is theirs nor am I saying you have to feel the same exact way.

With all of this said, currently my favorite manufacturer is without a doubt Motorola. It’s very possible that this could change, especially now that they have been purchased from Google by Lenovo. Will they still be my favorite after the supposed Motorola Moto X+1 is released? Only time will tell and you never know, I might be right back on the HTC or Samsung train.

I am definitely curious to hear your thoughts and opinions on the devices and/or the manufacturers that you like or dislike, and why that’s the case either way. You’ve read mine and I’m sure a bunch of you disagree on certain subjects, features, aspects or whatever that I like or dislike, and I’d love to hear your counter arguments/opinions in the comments below.