August 30, 2014

Galaxy S5 gets OWNED by Moto E in this speed test


Motorola has been proving to the world that smartphones don’t always need the highest-grade hardware to be fast, and it has proven that with the release of Moto X, their 2013 flagship with “mid-range specs”, including a dual-core processor and 720p screen. However, according to critics, the experience of using the Moto X is as fast and smooth, if not faster and smoother than any other flagship phone out there today.

Motorola then released the Moto G, which lead to become the company’s best selling smartphone ever, and helped then grab a solid amount of market share in Europe and other areas of the world because of how quality of a phone it was for the super cheap price.

Motorola is back at it with the release of the Moto E smartphone, a product they hope will replace all feature phones around the world thanks to its super cheap price of 120$ unlocked. But for 120$, isn’t this phone going to be awful?

Not at all. In fact, it outruns the Galaxy S5 in just about everything software-wise, from unlocking the phone to launching apps to scrolling through Google+. This video shows that Samsung’s TouchWiz is well overdue for a true software tuning.


This is about the best example that it doesn’t matter what kind of monster hardware you put into your phones, software optimization is key to a quick and smooth experience on a phone. I hope Samsung sees this as a wake-up call.