LG G3 Quick Circle Case video introduced ahead of launch

LG G3 Quick Circle Case video introduced ahead of launch

This day and age, it’s almost impossible to keep a phone a secret before its launch. With this video showcasing the Quick Circle in the G3, we know just about everything about this phone. LG’s Quick Circle, as shown here, is used only when the Quick Circle case is on it. LG says the case is compatible with Qi wireless charging and comes in a variety of colors. It’s similar to cases in the past used by LG and Samsung where only the top portion of the screen are shown to provide quick access to notifications, but LG is taking it a step further.

Being able to pull up the camera like that and not even have to open the case is something I really want to try, as well as playing music and taking calls. I like how manufactures are using these quick functions, like HTC did with their Dot-view case.

I’m looking forward to the G3 launch event and hopefully a release date shortly after that. Are you excited for the LG G3?

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  1. Andrew White
    May 24, 06:34 Reply

    The biggest telco in Australia (Telstra) has no intention of selling, on contract or off, LG’s and possibly 2014’s best mobile device.
    LG just doesn’t sell well according to a salesperson I spoke with today.
    I feel sorry for the shareholders in this corporation. Absolutely no vision by their marketing or investment arm.
    They sell the usual ‘safe’ devices from Samsung and Apple.
    Their 4G network is slow because of the the lack of infrastructure investment. Other players are doing more with less.
    I’ll be buying my LG on-line and off contract. 2 years is far to long to commit to one device anyway.
    My current Optimus G Pro has served me well and believe LG really is a high quality product at a very fair price.

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