task manager now available for the web task manager now available for the web task manager is on of the most robust, beautifully designed task managers out there. Using the app helps simplify your day by breaking your tasks down into Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming, and Someday categories. One of the most requested features to come from the app is the ability to manage your tasks from the web. Beginning today, that feature is available to the masses, bringing to the desktop. 2

The interface is just what you’d expect. It’s simple, clean, and doesn’t do too much for its own good. Once you sign in, you’ll see the categories towards the top, waiting for you to add something to them. Once a task is complete, hover over it and press the check mark button. It’s as easy as that! 1

There are two different interfaces you can choose from: Focus Mode and Planning Mode. Planning Mode is the default, giving the four columns in plain sight. After switching to Planning Mode, the interface switches to a more planner-like interface. It’s more of an agenda view, with the ability to scroll down to see your next events, rather than cluttering up the whole page. To switch between the two, click one of the two top-right buttons.

Users must “apply” to use the web app before use. Don’t worry, though. We got our confirmation email within a few seconds of “applying.”

Head here to use on the web. Now is a great time to begin if you’ve never tried it out. If you have used the web interface, how do you like it? We’d love to hear your experiences!

Via: Android Central

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