Feel Flappy Bird-like frustration in Geometry Dash [App of the Day]

Feel Flappy Bird-like frustration in Geometry Dash [App of the Day]

I bet most of you have played the infamous Flappy Bird, the most wrote and talked about mobile game in the last year or so, for sure. We’ll hear from Flappy Bird in the forseeable future for sure, until that time I’ve unfortunately stumbled upon a game that gave me more grief than that darn bird.


Geometry Dash is simple action platformer game that has a similar principle to Flappy Bird, you have to tap the screen at the right time to avoid all kinds of obstacles. Unlike Flappy obstacles here are not all the same, we have all kinds of obstacles though they are mostly spike variations of all sorts. Trust me when I tell you that the levels will feel different when you play the game, it’s definitely not repetitive, you can even customize your character. I can’t say I got far in the game because I’m probably one of the worst players that have ever played it, but it never felt boring, just extremely, extremely annoying… did I say extremely yet?


There are 2 versions of the game, free lite version and a full version that will set you back about $2. You’ll get lots more fun in the full version though, like building your own levels for example and it will also rid you of ads for example. You can find a full list of features for each version in the links below.

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  1. Jay
    May 26, 09:29 Reply

    Well, this reminds me a lot of The Impossible Game, just revamped and so much more awesome.

    • Kristijan Lučić
      May 26, 16:01 Reply

      Hehehe, damn, that brings back memories, The Impossible Game. You just reminded me of the time I almost threw my friend’s laptop of the wall in a coffee shop while playing it, ah… good times :)
      But yeah, now that you’ve mentioned it, it is quite similar in a way, yeah.

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