LG posts video teasing LG G3’s grip ability

LG posts video teasing LG G3’s grip ability

LG have today released a video teasing the upcoming LG G3 and more specifically its grip ability given the very small bezel the device is expected to feature.

One of the LG G2’s design showcases was the very slim bezel it featured, and it seems LG are expected to take it a step further with the upcoming LG G3 by reducing the bezel even more.

The video, although a teaser, looks at how the small bezels will actually contribute to improving the gripping ability of the device, and how you “might forget you’re holding a 5.5-inch smartphone”.

LG is expected to unveil the LG G3 tomorrow on May 27th in a series of three events around the world.

[youtube id=”BDIzu2yWWLw” width=”100%” height=”300px”]

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