Tip: Speed up the slow Samsung Galaxy S5 camera

Are you finding that the Samsung Galaxy S5 takes a longer than usual time to focus on a subject and actually take a picture? If so, then you’re not alone.

Whilst the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a decent camera and theoretically should take pretty good pictures, the bundled camera app Samsung ships with the Galaxy S5 is hindering the performance of the camera by doing some behind the scenes stuff.

Samsung have included a feature called Picture Stabilisation which is designed to improve the quality of low light pictures by increasing the shutter speed. Unfortunately it seems the Galaxy S5 doesn’t reserve this feature for only low light pictures, and is instead increasing the overall shutter speed, making the camera seem like it is lagging even in sufficiently lit pictures.

Therefore, to speed up the camera, fire up the camera app and hit the gear icon in the bottom left and turn Picture Stabilisation off.

If you’ve got sufficient lighting when taking pictures then you’ll not notice a difference, only that the shutter will be quicker. With low light pictures it may be worth turning the feature back on when required, or trying to frame the subject to optimise the light available.

Let us know in the comments section below if you’ve noticed an speedier camera in everyday capturing by turning off this feature.

  • vach.

    I find that even after making this adjustment the shutter speed still falls short of what one would want it to correct. For being a phone with such a highly touted camera??? it’s frustrating and disappointing. I owned a Motorola Droid Maxx prior to it being stolen and never had anything negative to say about the camera… push the button and a clear photo appeared in a fraction of a second. I had no problems clearly catching moments of my 2 year old (a boy on the move). I’m strongly considering going back to the Motorola primarily for this reason.

  • matteo

    Turning that off (and every other option) is still sluggish compared to an old iPhone 5 — even AFTER lowering resolution to the absolute worst this camera is capable.

    I will try another app for it to see if that improves things but if not I’m going back to the iPhone again. 2 weeks suffering through this is more than enough.

  • Teephphah

    It’s seriously crazy how much this camera sucks. By the time the shutter clicks the moment is already gone. It shouldn’t be this hard to point and click.