Multiple sources point to the addition of a 64GB Moto X

Multiple sources point to the addition of a 64GB Moto X

Many fans of the Moto X have had a pretty valid complaint for the past few months. For such a great phone, why isn’t a 64GB option offered?! Fans of abundant storage and customizable hardware, listen up!, a Russian phone site, recently discovered traces of a 64GB variant on Aside from the obvious “64GB” option plastered all over the page, we can also see a price associated with this phone – $449.99. Considering the phone is getting to be a year old, and that’s the off-contract price, that’s a pretty dang good deal.


What’s more is that there is evidence of a 64GB variant in the source code on the Motomaker storage selection page.


Android Police has also gotten some pretty decent evidence regarding the new storage option, as well. When a new phone is announced, basically all carrier employees get a calendar regarding the need-to-know dates. One of these calendars from Sprint leaked out, showing the approximate launch date. The new storage option should have been available for Sprint on 5/23/14, but that date has already happened. We aren’t counting the phone out completely, though. Sometimes these documents are incorrect… who knows.

Sprint 64gb moto x

We’ve seen more than enough evidence to get ourselves excited for this new storage option. We’ll be sure to let you know if anything else surfaces in the next few weeks. All of this poses one question: Would you still buy a 64GB Moto X this late in the game? We’d love to hear your opinions!

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