Lookout beats Minnesota, California, and CTIA with anti-theft feature

Lookout beats Minnesota, California, and CTIA with anti-theft feature

This morning Lookout announced a product feature that has been all over the news recently as legislatures rush to enact anti-theft measures on mobile devices. Their new feature is called Theft Alerts and promises to help protect your device from thieves by enabling some advanced security measures.

When a thief takes your phone, there are usually five things that is done immediately after stealing it:

  • Try to access your phone by entering an incorrect password
  • Remove your SIM card
  • Turn it on Airplane mode
  • Shut-it off completely
  • Remove Lookout as a device administrator

Within seconds after realizing the the above steps have been done, Lookout will respond by taking a selfie photo of the thief, capturing the thief’s exact GPS coordinates, automatically sending you an email with the thief’s photo and map pinpointing their location.

In addition to these advanced features, Theft Alerts come with more standard features as well like the ability to back up your personal data and remotely lock & wipe your device to prevent thieves from getting in.

Lookout is claiming that this is currently the most advanced app in the market to fight against theft. While the integration of the anti-theft feature doesn’t go as deep as many of the laws that are being passed, it does show that the marketplace has an ability to police itself without added regulation by creating features that consumers want. This is a great first step in the fight against mobile device theft.

You can get the Lookout Mobile Security app on the Google Play Store. It is a free to download app with free basic service, but does have premium services you can unlock.

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