Nova Launcher 3.0 Beta 2 is now available, a bunch of new features added

I believe most of you have at least heard of Nova Launcher, one of the best and most popular Android launchers out there. It is hard not to notice such a powerful, customizable and yet optimized and smooth launcher.

Nova Launcher 3.0 Beta 2 is out now and those of you who are willing to be a beta testers can get it on your device(s). The update is apparently large, the largest we’ve seen in a while. Here’s a full changelog:

  • Subgrid positioning, snap widgets/icons to half cells. Greater control of placement/size without shrinking/cropping app icons

  • Support Today Calendar’s dynamic icon, also supported by icon themes from Kovdev including Domo, Lumos and Tersus and PHLASH’s new KEX theme.

  • Custom label colors (desktop, dock, drawer)

  • Individual drawer tab colors (tap on the tab and select Edit)

  • New tab style Colorblock

  • Vertical drawer scrolls under transparent navbar

  • Backup/Restore using Kitkat’s Document Provider (supports ext-sdcard, Drive, Box, etc)

  • Full 4×1 widget support in dock

  • Individually toggle widget padding (long-press on widget and select Padding)

  • Nova Action for First Item In Folder (Use with swipe/tap action of folders)

  • Honeycomb style persistent searchbar available on phones

  • Slight visual refresh (settings screen, menu icon, color picker)

  • Fix Samsung KitKat bluetooth settings shortcut

  • Fix home button action on Verizon Motorola

  • Restore “Force” wallpaper scrolling for HTC KitKat

  • “Show Shadows” on HTC One M8 perfectly blends from semi-transparent system bars

  • Tab configuration is a bit stricter. Now one and only one All Apps tab is required, and zero or one Widgets tab can be used. These tabs can be renamed and recolored.

  • All Apps tab dropdown menu no longer includes filters for New/Downloaded

  • The dropdown menu indicator has been removed from the tabs, though the menu still exists (with some modification)

  • Persistent Search Bar is either enabled or disabled, the landscape only option has been removed

  • Persistent Search Bar style is consistent between landscape and portrait

  • Icons are now centered vertically in their cells, rather than being top aligned

  • Phone landscape mode fills available space horizontally, rather than reserving space for the search bar/dock even if those elements were hidden.

  • Honeycomb style search bar no longer includes the menu button (which was not authentic to honeycomb anyway)

As you can see it’s a hefty changelog. It’s 3-step process if you want to become a beta tester:

  1. Visit this link on Google+ and become a member of Nova Launcher Beta community
  2. Then go here and choose to be a Google Play app beta tester
  3. After that just download Nova Launcher from Google Play and you’ll be ready to go.
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If you feel that’s too much work, you can always sideload it by downloading it directly from TeslaCoil.

SOURCE: Phandroid