Intel’s “Moorefield” 64-bit chip expected to be announced at Computex conference

Intel’s “Moorefield” 64-bit chip expected to be announced at Computex conference

We’ve previously seen 64-bit processors in phones, thanks to Apple’s iPhone 5S. The time is near for Android devices to follow this trend. At the upcoming Computex conference on June 4th, Intel is expected to unveil their new chip, codenamed “Moorefield”, a 64-bit chip designed to run devices 8-inches and smaller.

The chip is also known as the quad-core Atom Z3560/Z3580 and offers a leg over the competition. The main draw to this chip is that it takes up a smaller footprint, making it much easier to fit into smaller devices, and it runs much cooler than its competition. It also supports its own XMM 7260 LTE modem, which supports download speeds up to 300 Mbps.

We’ll most likely see this chip heading to smaller Android tablets with LTE support, but there could always be other options for the chip. Let’s wait and see what happens on June 4th!

Source: CNET

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