Scurvy Scallywags mash up game starts to plunder Android

Scurvy Scallywags mash up game starts to plunder Android

For those of us who have yearned for the day when we can get a match-3 role playing game tied in with a musical and pirates, the day has finally arrived. Scurvy Scallywags brings all that and much more as it navigates through the Android waters.

The goal of the game is to travel through four mysterious lands to find all 16 hidden verses of the Ultimate Sea Shanty. You can move your pirate around the board by matching three or more tiles. As you move around the mysteriously jungle, desert, ice, and fire islands you will find treasures, loot, and even earn the opportunity to fight with evil pirates and monsters.

The game itself totes a nice set of features such as the ability to choose from 100’s of hats, shirts, swords, heads, and more to customize your pirate. You can also use special skills to dodge enemies, collect extra loot, or win battles against the bosses all on your quest to unlock 50 achievements. A pirate game wouldn’t be a pirate game without the ability to upgrade your ship. In Scurvy Scallywags you can build up to nine different ships throughout the game.

One nice feature is that the islands are unique and randomly generated each game. This means that every time you play Scurvy Scallywags you will be getting a slightly different experience adding to the uniqueness and fun of this great app.

The game was developed by Beep Games, Inc. who has been developing games since 2003. This is their ninth release, but their first for Android.

Scurvy Scallywags is a free game that offers in app purchases. You can find it on the shores of Google Play.


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