T-Mobile to disrupt industry yet again on June 18

If there’s one thing you can say about T-Mobile it’s that they don’t sit still very long. Come next month, The Un-carrier is set to announce yet another change in their services. T-Mobile has scheduled a June 18 Un-carrier 5.0 event based around the concept of “We don’t play it safe and sound”. It’s hard to say for certain what they have up their sleeves this summer as there’s been little talk of new strategies as of late.

What would you like to see T-Mobile announce at the June 18 event?

  • SDL78

    I would like to see them offer free tethering to unlimited data users.

    • Himp

      They already do! You get 2.5 of tethering with the higher data packages!

      • SDL78

        Sorry. I meant unlimited tethering data. We already pay for the highest package.