HTC One M8 Prime development halted indefinitely

HTC One M8 Prime development halted indefinitely

If like the many new HTC One M8 owners around you felt pretty hard done by when HTC announced they were working on an M8 Prime variant, then today you can feel a little bit better about your purchase as it appears HTC have halted development of the M8 Prime indefinitely.

Notorious leaker @evleaks took to Twitter to announce that sources have told him that the HTC One M8 Prime will no longer be worked on and the project has been halted indefinitely. There are no reasons given for the sudden change of heart, but for the time being at least the HTC One M8 will remain the main flagship device for the company.

SOURCE: evleaks

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  1. thePriest
    May 30, 03:55 Reply

    They saw G3 and decided that there’s no point to compete LOL

  2. ash
    May 30, 10:07 Reply

    I wanted to buy it..:-(

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