Radio Shack offering Samsung Galaxy S5 for $79 with trade-in

RadioShack on Friday announced its lowest price to date for the Samsung Galaxy S5. For a limited time the flagship smartphone will be sold for $79.99 to those who trade in an eligible working smartphone on the Trade & Save program.Normally priced at $199.99, this is a pretty tough deal to pass up. In addition to the handset discount, customers can also save on accessories; Otterbox and Mophie are $10 off and PointMobl screen protectors are $5 off.


  • SuperSam64

    “Normally priced at 199” is not correct. It’s normally priced at 649. The carriers price it at 199 as the up front cost with a 2 year contract, which factors 40 a month for the device into the total cost of the bill (and disguises it as “line access”). This “deal” means you will only pay 390 more than full retail as opposed to 510 over full retail. You’d think tech bloggers would be aware of this deceptive pricing structure that is common to the industry. Is this an ad?

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