Download booster and Kids mode reach T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3

Download booster and Kids mode reach T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile USA’s got its Android KitKat update back in March. This time around it’s getting an additional update carrying some of Samsung Galaxy S5’s features.

N900TUVUDNE6 is the software version of this update. Download booster and Kids mode are the features that are coming with this update. Download booster will allow you to use wi-fi and 3G/4G at the same time in order to give you higher internet speeds, it only works for large (30+MB) files and native apps though. Kids mode on the other hand will come in handy if you have small children messing around with the device, this mode completely changes the UI look when it’s on and of course limits certain functions to make the device kid-friendly.

samsung download booster___

The update is available as we speak. Did you wait for this update to go live?

SOURCE: PhoneArena

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    • Kristijan Lučić
      June 01, 20:30 Reply

      Only bugfixes. We hear that the autofocus on the camera works faster for example (no doubt there are more tweaks like this), but the look of the UI is pretty much the same. This is the incremental update after all.

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