Leaked image shows gigantic 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Mega 2

Huge phones aren’t foreign territory for Samsung, far from it. They basically started the phablet game with the Note line and a year ago they released their Galaxy Mega devices. One fo them sporting a 5.8″ screen and other 6.3″, which is almost tablet territory.

Many thought that Samsung has reached the line and won’t step over it, but those people were wrong. Earlier this month a mysterious Galaxy W (Mega successor) device leaked sporting a 7″ screen and that device was not dubbed a tablet. Sure, that seemed rather odd, but if someone was going to do it it’s Samsung.

That huge device (Mega 2 from now on) was cleared by USA’s FCC yesterday and today it leaks in some images. There aren’t any additional leaked specifications at this time, but if an earlier leak is to be believed the device will sport a 720p screen, a 1.2GHz quad-core chip, 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB of storage (+microSD card) and a 8MP camera. All that should be operated by an Android 4.3 JellyBean OS.

There aren’t any release date information at this time, but Samsung is going to hold a press even on June 12. Galaxy Tab S lineup will probably get announced there but that doesn’t mean Galaxy Mega 2 will not make an appearance.

Would you ever buy a phone with a 7″ display?

SOURCE: ortud

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  • touchdown

    Oh yes, can’t wait for it to come out.

  • Rich

    Oh yes. I will be 1st in line. Only thing not understood is why a true PHABLET hasn’t come out LONG ago. Tablet AND phone…ONE device. HELL YES!

  • shawn pound

    I can’t wait to see it

  • Lily


  • ley

    I can’t wait the Mega 2.
    I am very excited….

  • Jen

    Does anyone know the mega 2’s release date.

  • shiloh66

    Oh yes I will buy it.Have the Mega and love it.I also had the note 1&2 prior to the Mega and had intentions of buying the note 3, but just couldn’t pass up the larger screen.

  • c

    I am totally addictive to the mega series. I refuse to up grade on account there is not a samsung available larger than my mega 6.3. Cant wait until the 7.0 comes out. I dont know that i would be the first in line but will make a b-line to get one!!!!