Oppo N1 Mini gets announced, available June 11

Oppo N1 Mini gets announced, available June 11

Oppo N1 Mini leaked through FCC recently and now the “Mini” version of Oppo’s N1 gets officially announced almost half a year after the N1.

Oppo N1 Mini definitely looks like a smaller version of the N1. Navigation buttons, rounded corners that weird-looking rotating camera, it’s all there. We might as well put that “Mini” branding under quotation marks because there’s nothing mini regarding this phone. Sure, it may be lots smaller than the N1, but what kind of world do we live in where we consider a 5″ phone a mini phone. that’s a discussion for some other time though.

Talking about hardware, Oppo N1 Mini is sporting a 5″ screen, the rest of screen details are still unknown though, as most of its hardware details. It’s weird not having more details regarding specifications considering the phone is announced, but we do know what it will sport a 13MP camera with a Super Zoom mode (which was introduced in Oppo Find 7), but in N1 Mini it works at 24MP, not 50.

We’ll definitely know more on June 11 when the device will be available for sale according to Oppo. We still don’t know the details regarding the phone’s availability either.

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