LG G3 outsells Samsung Galaxy S5 in Korea


I don’t know about you, but we certainly didn’t expect this to happen. About a week ago LG released its new flagship for this year and the G3’s sales are apparently going far better than anticipated, in Korea at least.

Korea media reports that the LG G3 is being sold like crazy over there. Reportedly they sell 25-30,000 units per day, which is crazy, that is approximately twice that of LG’s previous G2 flagship. This information is even more unbelievable if we take into consideration that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 sold 7-8,000 units per day in that same period after launch. The report also says that LG’s marketing expenses are a lot lower than Samsung’s. If we take all that into consideration this is quite significant, and it will be interesting to see what will happen to those sales in the coming time and also abroad, LG made a really good phone and apparently consumers realize that.

Do you think that LG G3 can continue outselling Samsung’s Galaxy S5 in Korea? How about on international stage? We do think it is unrealistic to expect that will happen (internationally), but we have no doubt the G3 will sell like crazy.

VIA: PhoneArena


  1. I personally am rooting for LG. They have stepped up their game on the software updates, seem to listen to what their customers want, and arent afraid to take chances(lg flex).

    Besides, Samsung needs pushed. They’ve grown complacent.

    • Couldn’t agree more mate. I hope G3 will sell like crazy internationally and that Samsung will rethink some of their moves in the future and make them raise the bar, we all know they’re capable of that.

      • Samsung’s biggest issue atm is their bloated rom. My year old g pro on 4.1 could easily keep pace with an S5 on the majority of tasks. Its even faster now with the 4.4.2 update.

        • True. I actually wrote an editorial not too long ago regarding Samsung and their weak spots, software being the biggest of course.