Create 3D live wallpapers with Depth Photo Live Wallpaper [App of the Day]

Create 3D live wallpapers with Depth Photo Live Wallpaper [App of the Day]

As seasoned Android users know, there are many live wallpaper apps on the Google Play Store. Recently a trend has emerged with blurred backgrounds as well as those that offer a parallax effect as your live wallpaper. iOS 7 introduced the effect for iPhones a while back, and HTC debuted a 3D depth effect for their duo camera which allows you to essentially take 3D photos based on the depth that the duo-camera detects.

Thanks to Opotech, this effect is now available for all phones now with Depth Photo Live Wallpaper on the Play Store. This app lets you use utilize the new Google Camera’s lens blur option to create photos that are compatible with creating a 3D effect and then using them as your live wallpaper. Once you have a lens blurred photo in your gallery, you can simply share it to the Depth Photo app to create a 3D affect, letting you use the phone’s gyroscope to see the different angles of the photo.


While the effect isn’t perfect, and certainly depends on your ability to take clean lens blurred photos, it’s a really cool thing to see and I’ve really enjoyed having some cool 3D nature scenery as my wallpaper. What’s even betrter, is this app let’s you share your lens blur photos on the Depth Photo Google+ page for others to have, and the page will serve as a nice hub for cool 3D photos.


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