Download and install latest Google Play Store 4.8.20 APK


UPDATE: There is a newer version of the Google Play Store available here.

The Google Play Store is your gateway to the entire repository of applications that run on your Android phone and has been updated to version 4.8.20. Here’s what the update includes and how to get the APK to download the latest version of Google Play Store.

Included in the 4.8.20 update are new header images and also an action bar giving you a preview of the artwork or content displayed on the page. The action bar fades as you scroll down to give full screen content.

There’s also a new additional information section which lists the app version, install size, content rating, and permissions. You’ll also notice that the permissions list is collapsed to offer a simplified view, with various permissions now grouped into a category for easier understanding.

Further changes include bigger buttons in the Google Play Store, and also PayPal support for purchasing apps.

The latest Google Play Store 4.8.20 APK weighs in at 6.69MB and can be downloaded by clicking here.


    • I have the same problem kind of the app doesn’t open. Wish it would get fixed. There is another problem my data doest work.You pay for talk text and data you want it all to work. The carrier net10 won’t even help fix the problem I don’t. think they have anyone smart enough ro fix it. Please help if you can.

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  3. Hi….my initial google play store stopt working and I chose to uninstall it with the hope of reinstalling it but apparently,it is failing to reinstall too! What should I do?!

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  7. I am trying to download adgobe player on my samsung tablet so i can watch videos off of facebook my friends put on there.ThankYou.

  8. It’s a good app but I can’t install it because I’m using an Ipad and I can only access the App Store but I want Google play store. Thank you for your consideration

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  10. Same my Playstore won’t open and Google play is broke. Now my phone is draining battery and is a pile of rubbish. And nobody is telling anyone how to fix the problem. Games won’t load cos the Playstore won’t open to update them first. My phone has now done some kind of update and I don’t even know how to use my phone now. If it’s an update, it’s not very good.

    Anybody have any ideas how to fix the Playstore and Google Play?

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  12. I would really like 2 have google play store on my PC. I have seen on other PC’s and I’m interested in everything you have to offer on the internet. Please install your latest version.