Download and install latest Google Play Store 4.8.20 APK

Download and install latest Google Play Store 4.8.20 APK

UPDATE: There is a newer version of the Google Play Store available here.

The Google Play Store is your gateway to the entire repository of applications that run on your Android phone and has been updated to version 4.8.20. Here’s what the update includes and how to get the APK to download the latest version of Google Play Store.

Included in the 4.8.20 update are new header images and also an action bar giving you a preview of the artwork or content displayed on the page. The action bar fades as you scroll down to give full screen content.

There’s also a new additional information section which lists the app version, install size, content rating, and permissions. You’ll also notice that the permissions list is collapsed to offer a simplified view, with various permissions now grouped into a category for easier understanding.

Further changes include bigger buttons in the Google Play Store, and also PayPal support for purchasing apps.

The latest Google Play Store 4.8.20 APK weighs in at 6.69MB and can be downloaded by clicking here.

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    • aqhkmvc
      September 19, 18:47 Reply

      لن تعمل عندي خدمات جوجل

  1. monique m
    July 11, 03:38 Reply

    I did and now my battery is draining.. help!

  2. phillip benson
    July 25, 18:26 Reply

    Don’t know what the problem is with my Google play store it’s not opening

    • Jackie dotson
      September 03, 08:21 Reply

      I have the same problem kind of the app doesn’t open. Wish it would get fixed. There is another problem my data doest work.You pay for talk text and data you want it all to work. The carrier net10 won’t even help fix the problem I don’t. think they have anyone smart enough ro fix it. Please help if you can.

    • ihsan .Omer
      March 01, 13:29 Reply

      Google is notactivatedsomy application Googleplus stopped

    • Chikondi Kamphulusa
      March 22, 08:26 Reply

      Been trying to access my Google play store since yesterday it keeps saying connection error but my network is fine please I need to download whatsapp messenger! !!!!! I’m depressed

  3. Dawson
    August 16, 06:21 Reply

    I don’t have Google play when I got this so how can I her it on here

    • Dan
      December 23, 15:08 Reply

      Use the download link.

  4. dj360
    November 24, 09:14 Reply

    wish i could get it on pc

  5. boutros
    December 22, 05:19 Reply

    my fon doesent have playstore so i cant download stuff

    • nirob
      February 26, 07:52 Reply

      i cant dawonload any item bcs i have not a play store

  6. thami
    January 10, 07:59 Reply

    My play store doesn’t operate but i did everything i supposed to do

  7. mes
    January 11, 11:07 Reply

    Please help me I don’t know why my Google play store stacked

  8. olabisi arewa.
    January 12, 05:57 Reply

    My play store and google play would not open. Please fix it its bothersome.

  9. srraj
    January 18, 23:43 Reply

    my play store doesn’t work. how to repair play store properly ?

  10. Anna-Pearl
    January 21, 02:55 Reply

    I havent closed or force stopped google play yet it dasnt work,when i click on it ,it says server error.Therefore i cant update my apps

  11. Rajin saleh
    January 21, 16:43 Reply


  12. joseph
    January 22, 03:41 Reply

    Fix my play store,it cant open please.

  13. nadiringa
    January 24, 03:53 Reply

    How I can installed play store in my phone BlackBerry z10? please

  14. sarita
    January 24, 17:15 Reply

    I want to start playstore on my destop

  15. Hellen
    January 24, 20:37 Reply

    Hi….my initial google play store stopt working and I chose to uninstall it with the hope of reinstalling it but apparently,it is failing to reinstall too! What should I do?!

  16. rose
    January 25, 04:05 Reply

    Hi my google play stoped

  17. kenilworth
    January 25, 10:01 Reply

    not opening,i cam hardly open it and one its opened the whole airtime is gone!

  18. Said Chaka
    January 25, 14:04 Reply

    pls help me how to downlod google play and install in my phone

  19. tshepo
    January 27, 03:33 Reply

    I cannt acess to download apps.

  20. Palani
    January 27, 06:30 Reply

    Play store app not install please help me

  21. mutiat oyedokun
    January 27, 15:53 Reply

    I don’t know why my Google play store delete,please help me with it

  22. ramzan jamal
    January 29, 13:31 Reply

    Hi it is very good but ther is probles on accesing it

  23. unathi mgwelo
    February 02, 12:38 Reply

    I have problem with my google play. It was uniunistalled so I need help plz

  24. Gerson
    February 03, 05:02 Reply

    Play store a melhor aplicao gui eu ga vi

  25. Ashwani
    February 03, 07:56 Reply

    please store google play dowanloadig

  26. Lars john
    February 10, 08:24 Reply

    Hi how can I download this app if I’m using Apple and only the store here is App Store?

  27. Aswanth
    February 10, 09:49 Reply

    I want play store pls install my phone

  28. anele
    February 12, 12:02 Reply

    Iwant to download whatsapp

  29. wezi
    February 13, 06:01 Reply

    Google playtsore is not working on my phone please I want you to do something about it for me

  30. Racheal
    February 17, 06:57 Reply

    Why is it that I cann’t download google play and any other application I want?

  31. tony rush
    February 18, 15:31 Reply

    Load of crap wont accept my email or password.

  32. nomvuselelo
    February 19, 08:12 Reply

    Hi what can I do google play is not working plz help

  33. mdzahid
    February 21, 23:31 Reply

    You have to thinks big to be big

  34. oupa nteta
    February 24, 07:36 Reply

    I wonder why apps are not getting faster. I find it difficult to download at times.

  35. ali
    February 24, 11:54 Reply

    play store download free

  36. olabanjo micheal
    February 25, 08:57 Reply

    please hv tried all I can do to make su
    re my play store is workin but is all abortive pls help me out am tried pls

  37. tahir musa
    March 03, 06:33 Reply

    please i need an English translate Google play in my lenovo android phone

  38. felicia
    March 04, 11:34 Reply

    What do you do when your Google play store stop

  39. javee
    March 05, 07:07 Reply

    there was own my google play

  40. austin lemke
    March 05, 10:54 Reply

    When is flinch coming to the google play store!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. habiba
    March 06, 01:51 Reply

    Google play store hes stoppad

  42. Adofo Atta
    March 06, 18:07 Reply

    my play store does not open .l dont even know what to do.please help me.

  43. Hari
    March 07, 01:03 Reply

    Google play store download

  44. Linda Huff
    March 08, 14:00 Reply

    I have backup through google to reinstall disconnected apps. I need Google Play Store reinstalled. Thank you

  45. Joan Reed
    March 08, 18:28 Reply

    I am trying to download adgobe player on my samsung tablet so i can watch videos off of facebook my friends put on there.ThankYou.

  46. Linganagouda.K.
    March 13, 01:47 Reply

    I want Google play store,please this application installation of my phone Nokia xl

  47. Benito
    March 13, 21:04 Reply

    Hello please a have been try to download Google Pray but yet still I can’t….please is any problem?

  48. Josky krow
    March 15, 02:26 Reply

    How can i download my new Google play store because the old one isn’t working

  49. ramila
    March 18, 12:11 Reply

    I like it very much ..can share to my frens

  50. Bankx
    March 20, 16:35 Reply

    Ma google play store z nt wrking op u’ll fix it xoon

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  52. Sally
    March 22, 04:45 Reply

    It’s a good app but I can’t install it because I’m using an Ipad and I can only access the App Store but I want Google play store. Thank you for your consideration

  53. latin harizi
    March 22, 16:12 Reply

    Con play store mi diverto tanto perché trovo tutto quello ché ho bisogno

  54. Shweta Yadav
    March 28, 02:42 Reply

    Hi……I don’t know why my play store doesn’t work…..its not opening…..

  55. promise
    March 31, 15:39 Reply

    Eix I wish I cn knw wat god have 4me tmerw

  56. Paige
    April 01, 17:41 Reply

    Why can’t I download play store

  57. Alma
    April 10, 05:29 Reply

    I can’t open my play store he say your play store has stopped

  58. Henry
    April 17, 08:23 Reply

    On my tablet it says the play store has stoped?…

  59. Tj
    April 29, 09:16 Reply

    Sign up for play store

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