October 25, 2014

Icon packs that you must have on your Android device


Nimbus by Pure Designs

Nimbus Release Image

Nimbus by Pure Designs is yet another square icon set with rounded corners similar to Neon Glow above. The big difference is that Nimbus has more of a 3D look to it, as well as shadow/crease that runs vertically through the center of the icon, making it appear slightly folded. There are a lot of custom made icons in this pack. Ones that will make your normal icons look considerably different. Such as your phone/dialer icon and many others.

You can pick up a copy of Nimbus for $1.99 in the Play Store, and you will get 1,000+ icons and 8 HD wallpapers in the pack. To me personally, just the wallpapers are worth the $1.99 so you’re definitely not going wrong by picking up this pack.

Nimbus Screenshot Image

Nuggets by MindPlay Media

Nuggets Release Image

Nuggets is an icon pack that isn’t actually even released yet, however, it’s definitely something I felt I needed to mention. Travis Hall and Matthew Fidoe have been working on Nuggets for a while now but I can tell you, it’s certainly worth the wait. Nuggets is a flat icon unlike Nimbus above. It’s got the rounded corners and such as you’ve seen in all the icons I’ve shown today. Big difference in these is, every icon is considerably different than the stock like icons you normally see. M2 Productions as they call themselves, are putting a lot of work and detail into these icons and they will certainly be worth it once they go live.

Until then, you can always hit up Travis or Matthew on Google+ by clicking their names above, and they might can invite you to the beta testing community they have. Just tell them that Cliff sent you and maybe you’ll get invited. We will however let you know when these icons go live in the Play Store so that you can grab them and install them on all of your devices.

Nuggets Screenshot Image