October 25, 2014

Icon packs that you must have on your Android device


Pulse by StealthyChief

Pulse Release Image

Next up on the list is Pulse by StealthyChief(aka Will Windham) and I know what you’re saying right off the rip is that these are very identical to Neon Glow above. Well, you’re actually wrong, because if you take a close look, you will see considerable differences in the two packs.

The big difference between Pulse and Neon Glow are the actual colors and how they are used. Pulse is representing a pulsing light so to speak and with that comes a larger reflection of the light from the icon onto the background. But Pulse also isn’t about the “neon” effect. It’s just a bright light source making the icons stand out on a dark background. Also with Pulse, if you look at the bottom of each icon, you will see a bevel there, where as Neon Glow has it on the top.

Pulse will only set you back $1.99 and with it you will get over 1,500 icons, 10 HD wallpapers, Muzei support as well as updates to the icon pack every Friday. Just click the widget below to pick up your copy from the Play Store and I guarantee you, you’ll be happy when you do.

Pulse Screenshot Image

Reflected by Lobbs611

Reflected Release Image

Up next on the must have list is Reflect’d by Lobbs Design(aka Kyle Laubscher) who has been doing icons for quite some time, however, this is a bit different than his normal stuff, which usually consists of a chromed metal style look. Reflect’d is a nice change of pace for Kyle and he’s done exceptionally well on these.

The app icons are a basic white icon with colored backgrounds. As you can see though, there’s a bit more to the colored background. It’s the fact that they have a reflection of the app icon within the color, which is where they get their name of course.

For only $1 you can have 1,200+ Reflect’d icons as well as a few wallpapers that comes with the pack. So if you’re into the simple, clean, non-flashy looking icons, Reflect’d is probably for you and you grab it by hitting the widget below.

Reflectd Screenshot Image