Purported Nexus 8 images and specs leaked

Purported Nexus 8 images and specs leaked

Leaked images claimed to be Google’s new Nexus 8 are making their way around the Internet. Besides showing a 7 to 8-inch device, not much else can be seen from the photos.

The Nexus 8, the follow up to last year’s Nexus 7 and possibly replacing the Nexus 10, is rumored to be unveiled at Google I/O in just a few weeks. Rumors have also suggested it will feature a 64-bit processor and be manufactured by HTC.

The purported images of the Nexus 8 come from MyDrivers.com, who claim that the device is wrapped in a protective shell to hide it from prying eyes. If it doesn’t have a case on it, that’s a pretty large bezel around the display, something that Google and nearly all manufacturers have been moving away from in recent years.

Also according to leaks along with these photos, it will come with a Qualcomm 64-bit processor, 3 GB RAM, and will run Android 4.5.

Nothing is confirmed until it’s official and hopefully we’ll see a new Nexus tablet sometime June 25 or 26.

Via G4Games

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