YouTube v5.7 debuts with streaming quality picking

YouTube v5.7 debuts with streaming quality picking

After updating Hangouts, Google gives some love to YouTube as well. YouTube gets yet another great and long-awaited feature in the newest update. Choose the quality of your YouTube video stream.

This feature is long overdue if you ask me. Every time I watch a YouTube video via mobile data I wish I could see exactly in which quality is video being streamed. You might say: “well you could choose whether the video will be HQ or not thus far”, that is true, but there are times when you have enough data to watch a video in 360p, there are times when you’re trying to save as much as you can, so you want to lower it to 144 or 240p and so on. In this new update you can do just that, as long as you don’t go over 720p, that is the highest stream quality you can pick at this time.

You can download the update via the link below although it might not be yet available to your device. If you’re not prone to waiting you can manually sideload it, you can find the APK here.

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