Google Now is going to make sure you don’t miss your exit, ever again

Google Now is going to make sure you don’t miss your exit, ever again

Google Now keeps on getting some nifty features that will make your life easier. The service recently got offline sync and notifications for Chrome users. This time around we have a smaller but an interesting addition to Google Now.

If you’ve ever missed your stop while riding on a train for example and ended up miles and miles away from your destination, this Google Now feature might help you in the future. Google Now will ask you if you need an alarm to let you know you’re close to a certain stop while you’re travelling via train or a bus. Interesting enough, this feature does not connect to your smartphone’s alarm functions.

google now train bus____

This might be an interesting feature for some and quite useless for others, but it’s here. Are you going to use it? If you’re interested poking deeper in Google Now, check out our big list of Google Now commands.

VIA: PhoneArena

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