DEALS & STEALS: E3 Humble Bundle packs over $100 worth of games and content

DEALS & STEALS: E3 Humble Bundle packs over $100 worth of games and content

As longtime Android gamers can attest, Humble Bundles are a great way of getting a bunch of stuff for a really low price. The latest bundle, the E3 Edition, packs even more power than it usually does.

Humbe Bundle works like this: you pay for a bunch of games with whatever amount you’d like. The cash is being split between Humble Bundle, the developers, and charity (the ESA Foundation in this particular case).

In this particular bundle you get the Anomaly 2 Android game (worth $5 alone), Twitch Turbo (game streaming service) and a bunch of other content like game expansions and stuff. If you decide to pay above the average you’ll also get a Mortal Kombat Arcade Collection on Steam.

You have over 2 days to decide (at the time of writing this article) if you want to purchase or not. You can find more info on the link below.

Humble Bundle

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