Make It Rain: Love of Money [App of the Day]

Make It Rain: Love of Money [App of the Day]

In the world of ever growing addictive games there comes Make it Rain. One of the more absurd games out there the entire game is making it rain by swiping cash. Whats the objective you say? To make it rain money. Just keep swiping and swiping and swiping and swiping some more. The more money you let fly the more you can buy. What can you buy? The ability to let more money fly. Whats the point? To get more money.


This is highly addictive game because you always want that next upgrade. There are some negatives in the game like the FBI. Every time you get investigated you are found guilty which results in a net loss of money and a percentage taken away every second. The upgrades allow you to have more money per second while playing and higher money per swipe. There are also upgrades to collect money while your not using the app. Be warned this is addictive you will always want the next level. There is only one glitch in the game you can hold your finger on the top of the screen and tap to swipe at a higher rate that physically swiping the cash. Make It Rain: Love of Money looks absurd at first glance but once you start its hard to put down.

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