Is Samsung working on a foldable tablet for 2015?


It’s time to be ready for some crazy news. Samsung is reportedly working on a tablet with a foldable display, that can fold itself into a smartphone factor as well. Samsung also showcased a bendable tablet at the Mobile World Congress, and back in 2012, Samsung filed for a patent which tells us about a potential foldable tablet.

Samsung-foldable-displayThe Korean site is reporting that the tablet will feature a 8 to 9-inch full HD OLED display. It is said that Samsung will release it sometime in 2015. Samsung has showcased a smartphone with flexible display in past as well i.e. Galaxy Round, and it seems that sooner or later we might see some more tablets and smartphones from Samsung with flexible display. However, the device will be available in limited quantities, and will have a hefty price tag.

Right now, we don’t know anything about the type of user interface it will have, or the hardware it will have. But if it’s something real, we might hear about it soon.

Source: Daum


  1. Like to see LG be the first incorporate current gen flagship smartphone into a watch or wearable over the next couple of years.
    Several articles have written recently about foldable screens. Another approach could be to interlock 6 smaller ultra thin OLED screens to form something that equates to an A4 sized sheet of paper with a 1440p resolution.
    Anyway this reasonably smart G watch is a good place to start. I just hope the pricing is well under $200, to get the concept out there in reasonable numbers.