Last minute gift ideas for dads and grads

Bluetooth Speaker

Portable and wireless, you can take this speaker out on the patio or on the boat. Internal battery allows for up to 5 hours of playback off of a single charge. Don’t have a Bluetooth device to connect with? No problem, simply plug in directly with the 3.5mm auxiliary input and you’re good to go! $35.99 at Amazon

MicroSD card

microsd Just about every Android smartphone has room for additional storage. Scoop up a new memory card and double, triple, or quadruple the storage space for that handset. Perfect for digital cameras, MP3 players, and other electronics as well. Different capacities for different budgets and needs; the 64GB model pictured here is $35.99 at Amazon.

HTC One M8

glamour_red_amber_gold_htc_one_m8 It’s one of the best reviewed devices on the planet and it’s on sale right now. Pick your carrier (AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon) and choose your favorite color and it’s yours for only $99 (with a two year service agreement). At half its normal price, it’s incredibly tough to pass up. It’s okay, you can get one for yourself, too. Unlike other smartphone makers, HTC will replace it for free during the first six month period should you drop it and break the glass. Go through AT&T right now and you also get a $50 discount on the purchase of Fitbit One or Fitbit Flex fitness tracker. $99 at HTC


chromecast We’ll never pass up the opportunity to recommend one of these to anyone. The experience gets better with each new app, service, and game; priced affordable enough to merit multiple purchases. Smarten up your TV or that unused monitor and have some fun in the process. $35 at Amazon and Google Play