SwiftKey is now free, adds in-app premium features

SwiftKey is probably the most popular 3rd party keyboard for Android and rightfully so. It has an amazing prediction algorithms along with a bunch of other capabilities which make it so popular. SwiftKey got updated and along with that update came some nifty features along with a 100% price cut.

Yes, you read that right, SwiftKey is now free. This is great news if you’ve been contemplating if you should purchase the app or not. Though they didn’t get rid of payment altogether, SwiftKey now sports in-app purchases. But wait! Not the bad kind, at least in our opinion. The only thing you’ll be able to purchase in the app are the themes, which is great considering themes only influence the look of the keyboard not the functionality itself.

Speaking of themes, SwiftKey updated its theme database to include a whole bunch fo new themes. You’ll be able to change the look of the keyboard to pretty much anything you want and some themes are even free. New update also brings over 800 emojis along with the addition of a dedicated number row. These have been available in beta version of the app for a while now. They have also updated their auto correct algorithms to be smarter and also incorporate emojis when predicting your typing.

This is a great update if you ask us, but what do you think? Do you use Swiftkey?

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SOURCE: Google Play Store